Get A Grip capo on guitar top

Review: Get A Grip Capo

The capo marketplace has its standards and its knock-offs, but seldom does something truly innovative come along, unless it is a completely different approach to key changing. But now there is a fresh new entry among standard capos—the Get A Grip Capo from FPE Makin Music. It has the familiar look of the common trigger […]

Chromatic Scales

How to Use a Capo

A capo can be a guitarist’s best friend, for more than just how much easier it can be to play in familiar and “guitar-friendly” keys. But it can also add frustration and tuning problems when not deployed effectively. To use a capo correctly, it all comes down to placement. Neck Placement Understanding where to place […]

Glider Capo GL-1

Unique Capos: Glider

Most guitar capos on the market today are clamped onto the guitar, either under spring tension or through an adjustable screw mechanism. They are thus removed from the fretboard by unclamping or by loosening the screw mechanism, making them completely separate from the instrument (and, for some, far too easy to lose). The unique Glider […]

Connect with All About Capos

Choosing a Capo

No one ever said you have to have just one capo, but there are a few considerations for choosing your first, or primary, capo. Instrument First, it’s essential to match the capo to your instrument. Not only are there varieties specifically made for non-guitar folk instruments, but there are also different capos for different types […]

GuitarCapo+ 2.5 for iPhone

App Review: GuitarCapo+ for iPhone Updates to 2.5

The app stores are filled with guitar apps: chord dictionaries, guitar simulators, instrument controllers, and other guitar player-oriented utilities. But few combine the features of GuitarCapo+ for iPhone, which will release version 2.5 on Thursday (March 13). GuitarCapo+ 2.5 for iPhone from TonApp AS is a chord library, Audiobus-compatible virtual instrument, and capo tool that […]