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Chromatic Scales

How to Use a Capo

A capo can be a guitarist’s best friend, for more than just how much easier it can be to play in familiar and “guitar-friendly” keys. But it can also add frustration and tuning problems when not deployed effectively. To use a capo correctly, it all comes down to placement. Neck Placement Understanding where to place […]

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Choosing a Capo

No one ever said you have to have just one capo, but there are a few considerations for choosing your first, or primary, capo. Instrument First, it’s essential to match the capo to your instrument. Not only are there varieties specifically made for non-guitar folk instruments, but there are also different capos for different types […]

No Guitar Capo?

Guitar Capos Are for Wimps? 6 Myths Dispelled

“Capos are for wimps.” “It’s cheating to use a capo.” “I don’t need a capo. I can actually play guitar.” I’ve heard all kinds of comments like these over a couple of decades playing guitar. You’d certainly expect that these words come from advanced players trying to keep instrument playing “pure” by discouraging shortcuts. But […]