Playing Barre Chords without Capo

“I Lost My Guitar Capo!” The Internet Cries Out

The guitar capo makes it so easy to quickly change keys and still play with confidence and efficiency. That is, until you find yourself without one. It seems that perhaps the handy capo is so small that, though indispensable, it seems to wander too easily from the musician’s grip. The all-too-often cry is “I lost my capo!” So what else is there to do but seek sympathy on social media?

Sometimes we have to go beyond the matter-of-fact, and express the emotional impact of losing a capo.

And it’s always helpful to invite others to mourn the loss with us.

Cause versus effect: the consequence (stated or implied) of the lost capo…

Could the solution be right under our noses?

When all else fails, a little ingenuity can win the day!

What’s the solution to the vexing problem of the lost capo? It seems more research may be required, but here are some suggestions:

  • Give each guitar its own capo. Your guitars probably don’t like sharing anyway.
  • Use capos that clamp onto the headstock, so they stay with the guitar until the guitar is safely stowed in its case. (You do use a case for storage, right?)
  • Attach a GPS tag like Tile so you can track it with your smartphone (just don’t lose your phone too).

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