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More Evidence Guitar Capos Are for Everyone!

We love it when capos get some love in the guitar community, because we’re convinced that they are an essential tool for achieving just the sound you’re trying to achieve. Capos change keys, yes, but you want to change the guitar’s functional key to optimize:

  • Fingerings (to play “guitar-friendly” chords)
  • Vocals (to sing in a key that best complements the singer’s voice and range)
  • Tone (to take advantage of the most open strings possible so the guitar rings out as designed

We’re not alone in our appreciation of the capo. Over at Guitar World, author Damian Fanelli reminds us of 15 classic well-known songs that wouldn’t sound at all the way we know and love them, were it not for the guitar capo! Also included is an excellent selection of videos that show you how to emulate the vintage sounds with your own guitar and capo. Check it out!

Capo Classics: 15 Essential Guitar Songs Played with a Capo (Videos)

by Damian Fanelli at

The capo is to guitars what sugar—or Stevia, if you prefer—is to food.
It makes everything sweeter. Read on at Guitar World…

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