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Review: Get A Grip Capo

Get A Grip Capo in handThe capo marketplace has its standards and its knock-offs, but seldom does something truly innovative come along, unless it is a completely different approach to key changing.

But now there is a fresh new entry among standard capos—the Get A Grip Capo from FPE Makin Music. It has the familiar look of the common trigger style capo, but with a heavy duty approach unmatched in its category. The standout features of this capo are its finish, its spring action, and its built-in bridge pin puller.


Get A Grip Capo on FretboardThe Get A Grip Capo has a beautiful high-shine mirror finish (which actually made it a challenge to photograph without unintended cameos by the photographer!). That appearance coupled with the inset “jewel” give it a distinctive and attractive appearance that will complement any instrument with chrome hardware (in particular). It’s a classy touch.

Spring Action

Get A Grip Capo on Guitar Top CloseupThe quality of the spring action on this capo is where it really stands out for me. This substantial spring makes for smooth and easier triggering with no “break-in” time. Other capos I’ve owned have required much more effort, feeling extremely stiff at first and only gradually getting easier to work with. Still others incorporate only one or two coils and call durability into question. I’ve even had one break over time with only normal usage. I’m very impressed with the coil system on this capo and expect a long life from it.

Bridge Pin Puller

The integrated bridge pin puller is a nice well-intentioned touch. For me, I feel safer with and prefer the puller built into my combo string winder and cutter, but having this handy in case of unexpected string breakage could certainly save the day (or at least the gig). Now if the manufacturer figures out how to add a string winder to the piece, I’d be even more excited!


  • Hands down, this is the best spring mechanism I’ve worked with, and I really like the curved interior rubber that cushions the neck better than many designs. I still have some other favorite capos with different mechanisms, but for trigger style capos, I’m very impressed.
  • The finish is gorgeous with great attention to detail… particularly on the outside (more on this in a moment).


  • The interior finish on the inside of the arm with the bridge pin puller is not glossy like the rest of the capo. It almost looks unfinished this way, but it certainly doesn’t affect functionality.
  • The integrated bridge pin puller makes the capo feel a little longer than one might expect, and it can be sharp (and a little painful) if gripped the wrong way. For me, it’s not a feature that motivates me to buy the capo, and I think its quality alone for the spring mechanism makes it worth buying.
  • This thing is heavy! I noticed right away that it had some heft, but was actually surprised at the final numbers: my Dunlop Trigger Capo and Kyser Quick Change capo each came it at 1.6 ounces. The Get A Grip Capo? 3.2 ounces—twice the weight! Now for many, this won’t be a problem (we are talking ounces here, not a pound or so); you might not notice. Or, if you’re a fan of adding mass to your instrument (remember the Fatfinger?), then this may even be desirable. For me, the mechanism quality outweighs (pun intended) the heft of the capo, but if your instrument is small, or poorly balanced (especially neck heavy), then this may not be the capo for you.


Get A Grip Capo in PackageThe Get A Grip Capo is a high quality new entry to the capo market, with a gorgeous finish and impressive spring mechanism built for the long haul. It’s a solid, even heavy, accessory that might add desirable mass (often aimed at increasing sustain) to your guitar while making key changing smooth and comfortable. With a bonus integrated bridge pin puller for emergency string changing, there is much to recommend this capo—4.5 stars!

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Disclosure: I received a free Get A Grip Capo from FPE Makin Music for review, which did not affect my opinion of the product. My evaluation is based on my experience using the capo in personal practice and live public performance.

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