Glider Capo GL-1

Unique Capos: Glider

Most guitar capos on the market today are clamped onto the guitar, either under spring tension or through an adjustable screw mechanism. They are thus removed from the fretboard by unclamping or by loosening the screw mechanism, making them completely separate from the instrument (and, for some, far too easy to lose). The unique Glider Capo marks an entirely different approach to capo design, practically integrating the capo into the guitar itself and permitting fast incremental key changes and quick stowing without entirely removing the device from the instrument.

Glider GL-1 CapoThe Glider Capo features spring tension on both sides and wraps around the neck with rubber rollers to protect the fingerboard and back of the guitar’s neck. After positioning the capo around the neck, the “glide” in Glider becomes apparent: with a flick of the thumb behind the neck, the guitarist can reposition the capo, even in mid-song, up or down the fretboard, or even behind the nut for storage. Once a player gets used to gliding the capo in this manner, this unique capability can provide many advantages over other designs.

See all the details in this video from Greg Bennett:

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